Make Your Voice Heard

Mobilizing state and federal lawmakers to support legislative solutions for hunger relief remains a critical part of our work to help solve hunger in Wisconsin and across America. Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin works with our state and national colleagues to educate elected officials about the impact of food insecurity in their communities and identify policy solutions to put families on the road to health.

Our current focus is on these legislative efforts:

FoodShare Wisconsin: This program was created to help stop hunger and to improve nutrition and health. FoodShare helps people with limited money buy the food they need for good health. Tell Congress that you do not support cuts and structural changes to the FoodShare program here.

Child Nutrition Reauthorization: Every 5 years, Congress reexamines the laws that govern child nutrition programs and we support the continuation of funding these programs. Write Congress and ask them to pass Child Nutrition Reauthorization this year. Sign our petition for a strong Child Nutrition Reauthorization here.

America Gives More Act: This bill helped increase the amount of food donated to nonprofits and we support allowing these tax benefits. Lend your voice to ours and tell your representatives you support it too.

Contact Your Elected Officials

You can be part of the solution and let your elected officials know that it will take all of us to solve hunger in Wisconsin and across America. It’s our job to show elected officials that we want to solve hunger once and for all by investing in programs and policies that help families and individuals facing hunger get through difficult times.

More Ways To Advocate

Learn more about public policy and advocacy for hunger relief in Wisconsin.

Together we can solve hunger. Here’s how.