FoodShare Outreach

FoodShare is Wisconsin’s version of the statewide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a program formerly known as food stamps. This program helps provide our friends and neighbors with the food they need to maintain a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, in conjunction with Feeding Wisconsin and the other Wisconsin food banks in our network, are proud to offer FoodShare Outreach as a tool to end hunger. We have a whole team of FoodShare Outreach Specialists to connect clients to FoodShare and other services.

If you are a Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin member pantry and would like more information on how to partner with us or have a FoodShare specialist visit your site, please reach out to Cassie Faulks, community impact manager, at or 920-427-9895.

To see if you are eligible for FoodShare or to apply, visit, send an email to, or call 920-427-9895.

Why FoodShare Matters

  • FoodShare helps program participants to become self-sufficient. FoodShare provides a monthly monetary benefit individuals and families can use to purchase food from a grocery store, farmers market, or convenience store. This program provides access to foods that meets dietary restrictions that a pantry may not always carry. This program also provides a sense of dignity and choice.
  • Foodshare provides some relief to pantries. Because clients are using FoodShare as another source of food, they may be less reliant on pantries and meal sites. Because some of the burden can be relieved, pantries can focus on serving more nutritious and a greater variety foods, wraparound services and programming to assist in self-sufficiency.
  • FoodShare allows food banks to focus on providing healthier, more easily accessible food to partners. If there is less stress on the pantries, there is less stress on the food bank. This gives a food bank more resources and time to focus on innovative ways to solve hunger, procure and disperse healthy, nutritious food, and better serve our members.

How We Can Help You

  • FoodShare Outreach Specialists go out to food pantries, meal sites, WIC Clinics, libraries, etc. to do in person outreach. They help with FoodShare applications, renewals, questions, and providing information about the programs. Hunger is usually not the only challenge individuals are facing. After providing FoodShare assistance, our specialists will provide information and referrals to other services that might benefit participants such as Energy Assistance, Veteran Services, Aging and Disability Resource centers, Job Centers, and more. Specialists will follow up with participants to ensure the application process is completed and offer any other assistance they may need to receive benefits.
  • Sometimes transportation is a barrier to accessing benefits. Whether a person is homebound, does not have access to a bus route, or any other reason, transportation should never affect access to food. Our specialists are able to assist with the same in person services (application assistance, renewals, etc.) right over the phone!
  • We partner with many organizations to educate on FoodShare by passing out information and flyers with a phone number to call for further details. Our partners are able to provide us with referrals to individuals and families that could benefit from FoodShare.
  • Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Outreach Specialists are also able to train members and partners on FoodShare application assistance so they are able to conduct their own outreach and connect even more individuals to food benefits and other resources.