Traditional Food Drive

Hosting a food/fund drive is a fun, hands-on way to give back and help solve hunger. We are here to support you.

  Getting Started:

  • Form your committee and choose a point person.
  • Select your dates. Make sure you give yourself time to plan and promote your drive.
  • Set a goal so you have something to work toward.
  • Register your food drive by having your point person fill out this form.
  • Promote your food/fund drive on social media and send a press release to help spread the word.
  • Download our flyer and poster templates and enter your food drive details.

Food Drive Requirements:

  • Collect only non-perishable food items.
  • NO glass – Please! Glass can chip and break in barrels.
  • DO NOT mix non-food items with food, even if it is sealed. The Health Department requires us to throw away the entire box or barrel of food if there are non-food items in the container.

Make It Fun:

  • Create a Competition: Pit classrooms, departments, teams against each other to see who can raise the most food/funds. Offer a pizza party to the winning team as an incentive.
  • Jeans Day: Allow employees to wear jeans if the goal is reached.
  • Create A Theme: Pick a theme for your food drive or a theme for each day. Examples include Baby Food Day, Pasta Day, PB&J Day, etc. Check our list of most needed items for more theme ideas.
  • Wage a Penny War: Give each department, floor, etc. a large glass jar and see who can fill the jar the fastest. Donate the money collected. We can turn $1 into 3 meals.
  • Company Matches: Challenge your company to match the pounds of food collected by donating a dollar amount per pound of food.
  • Volunteer: To celebrate your food drive’s success, schedule a volunteer session for your friends, family, or company.

Wrapping It Up:

When your drive concludes, contact Andrew at 414-831-6332 or and he will schedule a time for you to drop off the food drive box and funds you collected. We will weigh the food and tabulate how many meals you collected so you can share the number with your organization or group.


Donation Pick Up Requirements:

Due to extremely limited transportation capacity, we are not able to pick up food drive donations that equal less than 2 full food drive boxes of food. If you have collected less than 2 full boxes, we ask that you drop off the donations at one of our food banks, or use the Pantry Locator to find a local pantry who may be able to pick up the donations directly.

Together we can solve hunger. Here’s how.