Whether it’s volunteering once a year or once a week, volunteers are the reason we can distribute nearly 28 million pounds of food each year. Steve has been a dedicated volunteer at the Appleton food bank for the past two years. After Steve retired five years ago, he began volunteering at a variety of local organizations. From helping serve meals at a community center to working at public libraries, Steve has been donating his time to make a difference for others.

“I decided to volunteer at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin because there are so many people not only locally but throughout eastern Wisconsin that need assistance,” Steve shared. “This is one way I can give back to our community.”

In 2019 alone, Steve has donated over 110 hours of service to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. Without his assistance, the nonprofit would have had to spend over $2,000 of donated funds to complete the project’s Steve has completed for the organization. “I am very impressed with how organized and efficient Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin is,” Steve stated. “The employees are great, they make the volunteers feel that they are vital and an important part of the process in getting food those who need it.”

When asked what his favorite part about volunteering at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, Steve replied, “Knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of others.” With volunteers like Steve, neighbors in need of assistance can rely on the 600+ hunger-relief programs supported by Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

When Steve’s not getting his hands dirty in the warehouse, you’ll find him helping in the pro shop at the Winagamie Golf Course, reading, or spending time with his wife. If you’re interested in donating three hours to make a difference in your community, sign up on our website.