Both Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin locations, as well as food banks in Madison and Eau Claire, hosted a day of service with 120 UnitedHealthcare employees to kick off a $700,000 grant to go towards purchasing coolers for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

Volunteers sorted out 41,000 pounds of apples, pears, corn and other produce which went to food pantries across the state. “Not only do we see companies who want to get involved, but we get to meet their employees and say thank you,” shared Scott Marshall,
Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Director of Development and Communications. The grant provided 30 new commercial coolers for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin members. Additionally, member pantries could also request infrastructure upgrades
that would enhance their fresh produce distribution capacity.

“Receiving a cooler will allow us to offer more produce throughout the year,” shared Lorna Springate, Lakeland Pantry
Manager. “This will expand our space as right now our produce shares a cooler with other refrigerated items.” The grant is part of a broader UnitedHealthcare program to help improve access to better health for undeserved and uninsured Americans.