As the leaves begin to fall and temperatures drop, many of our neighbors are looking ahead to another winter of unknowns. How low will temperatures get and how high will my utility bill be? Will there be layoffs during my job’s slow season? Can my car battery make it through another winter? How will I explain to my children that there won’t be a turkey on the table at Thanksgiving or presents come December?

Over the last couple of months, families with children home for the summer and not receiving school meals had their budgets stretched thin. As we head into the winter months, a new set of challenges and obstacles will get in the way of providing healthy and consistent meals to their loved ones.

Together with our donors and community, we supported local hunger relief programs that made the summer months manageable. We made sure kids were well-nourished during critical months when families do not have access to school-based meal programs.

Thank you for your generosity, support and kindness this summer. As we look ahead to the coming months and holiday season, I ask that you keep those we serve in your hearts and on your minds. Together we can solve hunger.


Patti Habeck

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin President & CEO