Almost 5% of seniors in the state of Wisconsin do not know where their next meal is coming from. Having access to enough food is an incredibly important basic need, especially for our aging population. Food insecurity can lead to chronic illnesses like diabetes, along with mental illness such as anxiety or depression.

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin provides elderly-focused programs that give seniors access to healthy food and hot meals.  Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and hunger-relief programs help seniors like Lauren, a retired divorcee who is living alone in a mobile trailer park.

The combination of Lauren’s retirement and divorce (after helping her now ex husband navigate serious health issues) led to her first pantry visit. She never had a lot of money, but often worked multiple jobs so she always lived comfortably. Lauren has type 2 diabetes, can’t afford medication and tries to manage it with a diet. She’s a self-professed excellent cook who is knowledgeable when it comes to produce.  For Lauren, the pantry is a lifesaver for getting enough produce in her diet.

Greater Galilee Senior Meal Program, led by Greater Galilee in partnership with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, offers hot healthy meals to seniors every month.

Another program, the Senior Mobile Market, offers a large selection of fresh produce through local growers, which is sourced through our Farm Link program. The Senior Mobile Market is funded thanks to the generosity of Bader Philanthropies.

With your support, seniors like Lauren can rely on food pantries and senior-focused programs to help maintain a healthy diet that she would otherwise not be able to afford.

Help seniors like Lauren by making a monetary donation to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.