Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin’s members are at the front line of hunger relief. By providing them with an abundance of food, they’re ensuring their neighbors’ fridges are full and food is on their tables. Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin supports over 600 hunger-relief programs, including food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters, across 36 Wisconsin counties.

Love Inc., located in Burlington, WI, started partnering with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin in June, 2017. One month after the partnership started, their community faced a devastating flood. Ninety percent of all residents were left without electricity for over three days.

“Within 45 minutes of us contacting Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, Denise (a Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Member Services Representative) had a truckload of food staples to help our families during this crisis,” Tina Henning, social services director, shared.

Love Inc. is a local, home-grown charity that helps area families with resources that provide mentoring, counseling, education, advocacy, information, and referral support. As they saw an increasing need for the services of their clients, their food pantry area was remodeled and expanded and has become their largest program.

“Our greatest purpose of Love, Inc. is to channel the goodwill and strength of our community into making a positive difference,” Tina stated. “Since our partnership with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, we have received thousands of pounds of food per month.”

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin delivers fresh produce and dairy products each week so the coolers stay full for their clients. Since becoming a member, the food pantry now serves over 350 families every month.

“Because of Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, we have been able to better serve our community and help our clients in need,” Tina shared.

Learn more about Love Inc. by visiting Love-inc.net or calling 262-763-6226.